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The Definitive Guide to Janus Astrology Software

Read my reviews, get the best offer, see screen shots, and more in this complete guide to Janus.

My journey with Janus

When I first installed Janus on my computer, I was struck with its similarity with Solar Fire, albeit the early version of Janus seemed many years behind Solar Fire.

But even at the outset, Janus had features that impressed me, including its incredibly well-done built-in help system complete with information about techniques, how to implement program features, and even references to books that will help you to learn more about each method.

I was also immediately impressed with the program's way of making some functions so easy to use. For example, while a very few other astrology programs have wheel designers -- modules where you can design and customize your own chart wheels, adjusting size, fonts, number of rings, etc. -- they are generally quite challenging to use. Janus's wheel designer, on the other hand, is a model of ease-of-use, brilliantly well organized to make wheel design doable for everyone.

Then I watched as the creators of Janus improved, and improved, and continued to improve Janus. And the deeper I explored the program, the more I came to understand just how powerful and how versatile it really was becoming.

Unlike many professional astrology programs, Janus is truly functions as a Windows® program, so that you can open many different modules at once in separate windows and resize and arrange them on your computer screen. This allows you to, for example, to see a birth chart, astromap, graphic ephemeris, and transit graph all at the same time. (See the screenshots web page for examples.)

In the current version, there are so many areas where Janus shines above other programs. It's horary and traditional modules allow for easy chart rotation, great results screens with all of the information one needs, built-in chart animation features, and many other capabilities.

Its astromapping interpretations are also unparalleled, with delineations for far more types of lines than any other software, including those for fixed star ACG lines, midpoint ACG lines, star-to-star and planet-to-star paran lines, local space aspect, midpoint, and star lines, and three types of destiny crossings too.

The natal interpretations are also incredibly extensive. You can, for example, include well-written interpretations of planets at midpoints, signs on house cusps, ruler of houses by house placement, and aspects to the nodes, besides the planets in the signs and houses. Janus owners can use any word processor to edit the existing reports or create their own.

In its predictive searches, Janus allows astrologers to search time periods for the occurrence of super moons, out-of-bounds events, zero delinations, and a huge variety of parallels (e.g. in progressions and directions as well as transits), as well as all of the more common searches.

When casting Return charts, one can create phase angle return charts, midpoint returns, kinetic Solar and Lunar returns [where the transiting Light returns to its progressed position], and Synodic and Metonic returns.

Another unparalleled feature of Janus is in its Help menu. Not only are all of the astrological terms integrated into the program's help, making it easy to find both the meanings of techniques (and astrological terms) and how to use them, but Janus also supplies a bibliography of references about each one.

Janus has lovely touches throughout the program, and so many unique functions that it is worthwhile as both ones primary program and as an adjunct to program(s) a person already has.

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