Janus Astrology Software -- Frequently Asked Questions

Because Janus is quite easy to use, I have not had to create a FAQ page until now, but I thought I'd create one in order to answer some questions that have arisen from astrologers.

0. What do I do if I can't install or run Janus?

There are some computer programs that interfere with installing and/or running Janus. Read this to find out how to resolve these issues.

A. Why is Janus so incredibly low priced?

For many years, Janus was priced competitively with the other top astrology programs. But the competition is fierce and the software sales were low.

The company decided to run a sale on Janus, that was so successful that they decided to keep the sale price. Of course, my price is even lower than the sale price, which makes Janus an incredible bargain.

B. Does Janus have the capabilities of pricier programs?

Amazingly yes! There are some modules in Janus, e.g. the horary and traditional astrology modules and the astromapping interpretations, that are actually, in fact, "best of breed" (better than their competitors).

Some programs have features that Janus lacks, like Vedic and Huber astrological charts, and more powerful research capabilities, and some programs have better implemented features, e.g. more functional transit graphs, but Janus has all of the standard calculations plus many, many unique strengths.

To see a comparison of the features of the top astrology programs, click here.

C. Can I get Janus mailed to me on CD or only via download?

Actually, on my Janus 4 webpage, you can choose either or even both. By requesting both by emailing me, you get the program almost immediately via download, and then get a CD in the mail.

But most people just get the download, and burn a copy of the downloaded file onto a CD for backup.

D. What makes Janus unique?

Janus has features not found in any other astrology program, including the most complete set of well-written astromapping interpretations and map lines available, and predictive searches that can include out-of-bounds and zero declination planets.

It has he best eclipse mapping of any program, and the unique ability to find the birth data for a chart from its planetary positions (e.g. for looking at more factors than shown in an image of a chart you see in a book or magazine).

Janus' traditional astrology modules (electional, horary, Medieval and Hellenistic) were created in collaboration with Robert Zoller, and include such features as a table of aspect perfection, chart rotation, directing by Terms, Fixed Star interpretations, a wonderfully detailed Results screen, and more.

There are even get a full set of editable interpretive reports, complete with the license to sell them.

E. Are the interpretive reports in Janus good?

Unlike most other professional-level programs, Janus includes full natal, transit, and compatibility reports (Most other professional astrology programs offer shorter reports or none).

In addition, Janus has the most comprehensive astromapping report of any program, even standalone astromap reports.

The quality of all of these reports is quite fine, they are all well done. And all can be edited and sold commercially too.

The inclusion of fine reports adds greatly to the value of Janus.

F. How can I get more help with Janus's functions?

Janus has a great help menu which includes detailed instructions on using each of its functions and the best listing of astrological references to study to learn more about each astrological technique.

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