Unique and Great Features of Janus

by Hank Friedman

I have decided to add to each of my software-specific websites a new column highlighting unique and pioneering features of each program. I will be adding new sections to this column regularly, in order to introduce you to some of Janus's best capabilities.

1. Advanced Predictive Searches

Janus has predictive searches not found in other astrology programs. They include searching for Super Moon's, Out of Bounds planets, planets at Zero Declination, and a huge set of Parallel and ContraParallel events:

For astrologers who want to find such events, Janus is an incredible resource.


2. Medieval Techniques

Because the authors of Janus worked with Robert Zoller, the foremost medieval astrologer, in developing the traditional astrology features of Janus, the program's Traditional Chart module is outstanding.

The main screen shows a square wheel, animation functions, and the ability to view dignity tables, profections, profection aspects, Arabic Parts, Primary Directions, Fixed Stars, and more.

It's Results Table is packed with important data including Fidaria, Planetary Hours, Directing by Terms, House Almutens, Mutual Receptions, and much more.

What a great tool for Traditional Astrologers!

3. Incredibly Extensive Astromapping Interpretations

Janus offers a wider range of astromapping interpretations than any other program. As you can see from the image below, in addition to the standard Astro*Carto*Graphy delineations, Janus includes interpretations for aspects, midpoints, and Fixed Stars on the Angles, as well as three types of Paran interpretations (most programs offer none), three types of Destiny Crossings (unique to Janus), and four sets of Local Space delineations (again most programs offer none).

These interpretations are very well written and insightful, and the strength of each influence is clearly indicated (many programs omit the relative strength of each line).

To view a sample of the Janus Relocation Report click here.

4. The best 30 degree dial

While many programs offer 30 degree dials, which enable astrologers to see, at a glance, what degree zones will be most impacted by transits, or by a partner, etc. Janus was the first program to create a 30 degree dial that included each point's sign. That is a welcome and incredibly valuable addition and makes the dial very valuable for chart comparisons too. Here's an example:

Note how clearly one can see both each point and its sign!

5. Calculate Chart Origin

Have you ever looked at a chart shown on a website, or in a book or magazine, and wanted the birth data so that you could add asteroids, or view it as a medieval or Vedic chart, etc.?

Janus is the only Western astrology program that allows you to enter the planetary positions and then obtain the birth data!

You are required to enter the longitude for all of the planets, but then Janus finds the birth data for you. An excellent tool.

6. Wheel Designer

As I mentioned on my Solar Fire website, very few astrology programs include the ability to create your own chart wheels.

Janus has a wheel designer which may offer fewer options than Solar Fire's, but it is significantly easier to learn to use.

You can use it to create new wheels or modify existing wheels, by selecting any of these elements from the pull-down menu:

When you choose an item from the menu, you see a set of options that you can adjust to your liking:

E.g. in the Birth Data section, you can choose which birth data elements are shown, if any, in the center of the chart.

Janus' Wheel Designer will empower those less confident with their computer skills to try their hand at modifying existing chart wheels or even creating their own.

7. Chart Search

Most astrology programs allow you to search your chart files for many factors (e.g. planets in signs, houses, etc.) but Janus' Search feature has several unique capabilities.

First of all, if you save Event, Mundane, Decumbiture, Lunar Phase, Return, Ingress, Composite, Progressed, Directed, Horary, Electional, Eclipse, Relocated, or Planet on Angle charts, you can specify that the search only examine one or more of those types of charts.

Additionally, at the click of a check box, you can select Geocentric, Topocentric, and/or Heliocentric coordinates, and the chart files that you want searched.

Finally, only Janus allows you to search for Formulae (A+B-C) which will be very valuable for those practicing Cosmobiology (aka Symmetrical Astrology).

To use this feature, run Janus and click on the file menu and select Search:

Then you will see the Search window appear:

8. Full Astrological Reports

Most professional-level astrology programs offer short natal, transit, relocation, and compatibility reports, but they are too brief to sell as commercial reports.

Janus, on the other hand, includes full natal, transit, synastry, and relocation reports, and you're also allowed to sell all of the reports, too, without purchasing an additional license.

You can see a sample of the natal report here.

You can see a sample of the transit report here.

You can see a sample of compatibility report here.

And you can see a sample of the relocation report here.

To learn much more about Janus, and get the best deal click here.
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