Screenshots of Janus 4.3

In order to really appreciate what Janus 4.3. is capable of, it is valuable to see screenshots of the various functions available in the program.

Here are many of the best graphics built into Janus 4.3:

(Click on any image to open it larger in a new window)

Chart Wheels and Dials

The first four are a pastel chart, a traditional wheel, a local space wheel, and an exceptional aspect grid .

Janus Colorful Chart Janus Traditional Wheel Janus Local Space Wheel

Janus Aspect Grid

The next four are examples of screens one can create by arranging the windows of different Janus modules.

Janus Screen Janus Screen 2 Janus Screen 2 Janus Screen 3

These two are dials used in cosmobiology.

Janus Uranian Wheel Janus Cosmobiology Dial

AstroMaps, a Sky Map, and an Eclipse Map

Janus AstroMap Janus Local Space Map Janus Sky Map

Janus Eclipse Map

Janus TimeLine

Janus TimeLine Forecast Graph

Graphic Ephemeride

Janus Graphic Ephemeris Janus Uranian Graph

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