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Janus 6

I am happy to announce the release of a major upgrade to Janus called Janus 6.

Version 6 has many great new features, as well as major improvements of previous ones.

Among the amazing innovations are:

The Dasa Report -- written by me (and given to them) -- this report interprets the Vedic forces that shaped you from birth, as well as your current Dasa and Bhukti.

A powerful Electional Search module for scanning time for a wide range of astrological configurations.

Shadow Periods finder, the ability to find the shadow periods for every planet. This is unique to Janus.

Constellation Planting Guide tells you the best time for various gardening activities.

Planetary Stations now are incorporated into the Time Line transit graph.

and many, many more

You can learn about all of the new features and improvements in Janus 6 here.

As well as purchase it, or upgrade to it, here.

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